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Carol Kittel, M.A.

Carol Kittel, M.A.

Adjunct Faculty







  • Biostatistician, Wake Forest University School of Medicine


  • B.A. Mathematics, Salem College (2009)
  • M.A. Mathematics, Wake Forest University (2011)

Courses Taught

  • MTH 1010 Functions and Graphs
  • MTH 1110 Topics in Contemporary Mathematics
  • MTH 1310 Application of Math Models for Business
  • MTH 1400 Pre-Calculus

Selected Publications

  • Fargen, KM, Garner, RM, Kittel, C Wolfe, SQ. A Descriptive Study of Venous Sinus Pressures and Gradients in
    Patients with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. J Neurointerv Surg. 2019 Aug 31.
  • Oravec CS, Frey, CD Berwick, BW, Vilella, L, Aschenbrenner, CA, Wolfe, SQ, Fargen, KM. Predictors of Citations
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  • Sharpe, EE, Booth, JL, Houle, TT, Pan, PH, Harris, LC, Aschenbrenner, CA, Eisenach, JC. Recovery of Physical
    Activity After Cesarean Delivery and Its Relationship with Pain. Pain. 2019 May 22.
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  • West, JL, Fargen, KM, Aschenbrenner, CA, Wilson, JA, Branch, CL, Wolfe, SQ, Hsu, W. Commentary: Resident
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  • West, JL, Greenway GP, Garner, RM, Aschenbrenner, CA, Singh, J, Wolfe, SQ, Fargen, KM. Correlation Between
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    J. Neurointerv Surg. 2019 Jan, 11(1): 90-94.
  • West, JL, Garner, RM, Greeneway, GP, Traunero, JR, Aschenbrenner, CA, Singh, J, Wolfe, SQ, Fargen, KM. Venous
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  • Arora,V, Martin, TJ, Aschenbrenner, CA, Hayashida, K, Kim, SA, Parker, RA, Eisenach, JC, Peters, CM.
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    2018 Jul 1; 382: 35-47.
  • Street, LM, Aschenbrenner, CA, Houle, TT, Pinyan, CW, Eisenach, JC. Gestational Obstructive Sleep Apnea:
    Biomarker Screening Models and Lack of Postpartum Resolution. J. Clin. Sleep Med. 2018 Apr, 14(4):549-555.
  • Houle, TT, Miller, S, Lang, JE, Booth, JL, Curry, RS, Harris, L, Aschenbrenner, CA, Eisenach, JC. Day-to-Day
    Experience in Resolution of Pain after Surgery. Pain.2017 Nov; 158(11):2147-2154.
  • Eisenach, JC, Curry, R, Aschenbrenner, CA, Coghill, RC, Houle, TT. Pupil responses and painratings to heat
    stimuli: Reliability and effects of expectations and a conditioning pain stimulus. J Neurosci Methods. 2017 Mar;
  • Miller, SA, Aschenbrenner CA, Traunero, JR, Bauman, LA, Lobell, SS, Kelly, JS, Reynolds,JE. $1.8 Million and
    counting: how volatile agent education has decreased ourspending $1000 per day. J. Clin. Anesth. 2016 Dec; 35:
  • Templeton, TW; Hoke, LK, Yaung, J, Aschenbrenner, CA, Rose, DM, Templeton, LB, Bryan, YF. Comparing 3
    ventilation modalities by measuring several respiratoryparameters using the ProSeal laryngeal mask airway in
    children. J. Clin. Anesth.2016 Nov; 34:272-278.
  • Bricker, KS, Hendricks, WW, Aschenbrenner, CA. Californians’ Perceptions of the Influence of Parks and
    Recreation on Quality of Life. 2016 Fall, 34(3)S1: 64-82.
  • Arora, V, Morado-Urbina CE, Aschenbrenner, CA, Hayashida, K, Wang, F, Martin TJ,Eisenach, JC, Peters CM.
    Disruption of Spinal Noradrenergic Activation DelaysRecovery of Actue Incision-Induced Hypersensitivity and
    Increases Spinal GlialActivation in the Rat. J Pain. 2016 Feb; 17(2):190-202.
  • Adams, LW, Aschenbrenner, CA, Houle, TT, Roy RC. Uncovering the History ofOperating Room Attire through
    Photographs. Anesthesiology. 2016 Jan; 124(1):19-24.
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    Jan 1; 113(1):100-109.
  • Aschenbrenner CA, Houle TT, Gutierrez S, Eisenach JC. Modeling individual recovery afterperipheral nerve injury
    in rats and the effects of parturition. Anesthesiology. 2014 Nov;121(5):1056-1067.
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  • Pan PH, Tonidandel AM, Aschenbrenner CA, Houle TT, Harris LC, Eisenach JC. Predictingacute pain after cesarean
    delivery using three simple questions. Anesthesiology. 2013 May; 118(5):1170-1179.
  • Turner, D, Miller, S, Aschenbrenner, CA, Houle, TT, Eisenach, JC. Predicting pain after jointsurgery. J Pain.
    2013 Apr. 14(4):S15.


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