Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs

At High Point University, students, faculty and staff all play a meaningful role in gifting our campus community with a diversity of identities, thoughts, beliefs and perspectives. Our appreciation of human diversity and engaging of differences is a collective commitment throughout our campus brought forth by collaborative efforts. Multicultural life at High Point University is shaped by these pillars which drive our programming, support, resources and activism. Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to enriching the High Point University experience for our underrepresented populations while also nurturing a climate of respect for all persons.


At High Point University, every student receives an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people. Multicultural Affairs is merely an extension of our university mission in that we are committed to fostering an inclusive learning and living community where human diversity is valued and celebrated. We strive to make this campus a place where every student, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, age, gender identity or national origin, is able to call home.


As growing leaders in a global world, self-awareness is a must. It is very important to lean into the ways our background, identity and experiences have shaped us. Multicultural Affairs offers a range of trainings, workshops and events that encourage our campus community to consider who they are and how they engage difference and diversity on our campus and in our world.


Curiosity and inquiry lead to lifelong learning. Multicultural Affairs shapes informative opportunities and experiences for our students through partnerships with academic departments, administrative offices and community organizations. Students are given access to tools and information designed to increase their multicultural awareness, cultural competence and intercultural engagement.


Multicultural Affairs encourages student involvement and leadership in our multicultural organizations. These organizations are student-led, advised by our faculty/staff and fully supported by our office. We work closely together with our many groups to enhance multicultural life on our campus through connection and collaboration.