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Beverly and Walt Knoechel

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Beverly and Walt Knoechel (Sandy Springs, GA)

Q: How did you first hear about HPU?   

Sydney’s aunt in Ohio knows a family who had taken their daughter to HPU for a visit.  They were excited about the school, so she told us about it.

Q: What do you remember about your first visit with Sydney to campus?  

High Point’s all new, gorgeously designed and detailed buildings made a dramatic impression on us.  We were attracted by the modern Georgian-style architecture which is consistent throughout campus and is enhanced by dynamic fountains and lush landscaping making High Point beautiful from every angle.  As we toured the grounds we noticed there was no litter, no dirt paths cut by students and beautiful music playing on the Promenade.  At the time of our first visit, the campus was decorated for Christmas and this just made everything even more stunning.

Q: How do you feel Sydney’s experience studying abroad in India this semester has enhanced her educational experience?  

Sydney has been interested in India for nearly ten years and we were excited and nervous for her to be able to experience this culture first hand.  She is taking three Economics courses at the University of Hyderabad. Two of these will transfer for credit to HPU and the third is a class she felt would be helpful even without the credit.  In addition, she has had the opportunity to do a fair amount of traveling throughout the country which appeals to her adventurous side.  Based on her experiences in India, Sydney will definitely have a new appreciation for her professors, her residence hall, the dining halls and the HPU experience in general.

Q: What resource should every parent take advantage of on campus?  

We love visiting for Family Weekends and have never missed one.  While on campus we have attended several plays, music performances and athletic events and are always amazed at the talent of the student body.  However, the opportunity that should not be missed is the chance to hear Dr. Qubein speak.

Q: How do you feel Sydney has benefited to the holistic, values based education here at HPU?  

While it was the physical campus that attracted us to HPU initially, it was the small class size and the expectation of getting to know her professors that most appealed to Sydney and this has worked out well.  She had a professor invite her to participate in an internship, her advisor has spent time helping her map out the details of her academic path and, as she hoped, her teachers have taken the time to get to know her and have been willing to help her in anyway they can.  Additionally, Dr. Qubein’s Freshman Seminar was incredibly beneficial.

Q:  As HPU parents, what are you looking forward to the most this academic year

Honestly, we are mostly looking forward to having Sydney back on this continent and specifically in the same time zone.  It has been a long five months and we are anxious to see her in person and hear all about her experiences in India.  As for this spring, we know Sydney plans to get an internship for the summer so we are anticipating where she will end up for the summer before she rolls into her senior year.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give parents of a student applying to HPU?  

Visit the campus and take a guided tour.  Just seeing the campus is almost enough to make you want to come HPU.  Taking the tour fills in the details of why you can sit on a bench with the life-sized sculpture of a famous person, why the classroom buildings have lobbies that are as beautiful as those in corporate America and why there is a steakhouse on campus.  The HPU administration has gone to great lengths to enhance the experience of the students in many ways.  Take the tour to learn about them.

Q: What is your best HPU memory?

Our best memory is the VIP treatment we received on campus during the Presidential Scholarship Weekend.  A more general, happy memory is spending time as a family playing games at The Point and in the arcade at the newly named, Wanek Center.