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Nancy and Darrell Blackwell


Nancy and Darrell Blackwell (Charlotte, NC)

Q: What do you remember most about your first visit with Shane to campus?

An Admissions Counselor had visited Shane’s high school where Shane had a brief conversation with him. On our first campus visit, we saw the Admissions Counselor in the University Center and he remembered Shane’s name, high school, and college interests. That personal attention made a huge impact.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of Family Weekend?

There are so many activities to choose from but we are always excited to hear Dr. Qubein speak. We also look forward to spending time with the Kappa Sigma fraternity. They always make parents feel welcome.

Q: How do you support/ promote HPU?

As members of the Parent Council, currently Co-chairs, Darrell and I try to attend all HPU functions where we can assist other HPU parents: Presidential Scholarship weekends, Early Registration, Welcome & Admitted Students Receptions, Parent to Parent Calling, HPU Facebook, Freshmen Move In and Family Weekend. We promote the school by wearing HPU apparel and sporting HPU magnets on our vehicles.

We also give financially to the HPU Fund for Extraordinary Education. Parent participation in the annual fund is vital to the holistic education experience. We attend local college fairs and contact local high school counselors. We attend regional Chamber of Commerce events and talk with business owners about student internships.

Q: How has being active as Co Chairs on the Parents Council shaped your experience as current parents?

We have developed numerous friendships with HPU parents, students, staff and administration. We feel ‘plugged in’ and are excited to support the school.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give Class of 2017 parents for Orientation Weekend/Move In?

Relax. HPU has great plans for your Orientation Weekend. There will be numerous people to answer all your questions and assist you. Your students are starting a new chapter in their lives and HPU is excited and ready to help them begin the journey.

Q: Best HPU memory.

The Convocation Ceremony for Shane’s incoming class.