Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy

Aurijit Sarkar PhD


Assistant Professor in Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences

(336) 841-9183

4044 Cogndon Hall





PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Virginia Commonwealth University, 2010

MS in Applied Chemistry
Shri GS Institute of Technology and Science, 2003

BS in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Chemistry & Zoology
Devi Ahilya University / G.M.A. Holkar Science College, 2000






We are trying to find new drugs for bad bugs. Our current focus is on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin intermediate-resistant S. aureus (VISA) in cardiovascular infections, but we are also developing novel projects on Uropathogenic and Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli and other pathogens of concern.


Large scale studies by pharmaceutical companies across the 1990s-2000s yielded very few viable, clinically useful antimicrobials. With the steady evolutionary process, bacteria are fast becoming resistant to our current arsenal of antibiotics. At the same time, pharmaceutical companies have lost interest in development of antimicrobials because it is virtually impossible to generate profits from such investments. This is one of the doomsday scenarios that we are facing today. It is mission critical to put together a strong arsenal of weapons against pathogenic microorganisms. Our research group is attempting to identify novel ways of fighting resistant bugs. There are two major thrust areas within our group at this time: we are attempting to identify small molecules that will either (1) enhance the susceptibility of antimicrobial resistant bugs to those antibiotics currently considered clinically non-useful, or (2) prevent microorganisms from establishing a colony within the host’s body. We use essential enzymology, molecular biology, and computational modeling to understand drug resistance in resistant bacteria. Computational structural biology, rational drug design and cheminformatics are our forte, and we maintain a critical arsenal of additional techniques in our lab.

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