Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy

Cale Fahrenholtz PhD

Assistant Professor Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences

(336) 841-9819

4024 Congdon Hall





PhD Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, 2013
University of Miami – Miller School of Medicine

B.S. Pharmacology and Toxicology, 2006
University of Wisconsin – School of Pharmacy

Postdoctoral Training:

Postdoctoral Fellow – Cancer Biology, 2014-2017
Research Associate – Cancer Biology, 2017-2019
Wake Forest University – School of Medicine

Cancer is an inherently heterogeneous disease, and even in the best-case scenarios, it is ostensibly difficult to treat. Even when standard of care is employed, cancers often do not respond or acquire resistance to therapy and continue to grow, spread and ultimately lead to life-threatening conditions. Dr. Fahrenholtz’s lab seeks to understand the genetic and molecular mechanisms that drive both difficult-to-treat cancers and cases of acquired resistance to therapy. Using this information, we are developing new ways to stratify patients and treat cancer using rational combinations of nanomedicine and conventional therapies. The Fahrenholtz lab is currently investigating several combination therapies that may improve patient outcomes while reducing both required dose and off-target effects. Active projects include the use of silver nanoparticles in combination with small molecule inhibitors for the treatment of ovarian cancer, and establishing high-throughput methods for the derivation and screening of treatment-refractory clones.

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