School of Health Sciences
Physical Therapy

Faculty Presentations


  • Eric Hegedus presented “Lower Extremity Rehabilitation” at the National Training Center in Beijing, China at the invitation of the Chinese Olympic Committee


  • Dr. Mark Teaford invited to present at the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Calgary, Alberta
  • Dr. Mark Teaford invited to present at the International Workshop on “Abrasion and Attrtition: Traces of Mastication in Fossil Mammals,” Bonn, Germany
  • Dr. Mark Teaford invited to lecture at the Anthropological Institute, University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Dr. Mark Teaford invited to lecture at the Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and Paleoecology, Paläoanthropologie
  • Dr. Mark Teaford spoke at the Carolina Osetology Interest Group, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC


  • Dr. Alexis Wright presented to the FDA in Washington, DC– Dr Wright was a featured expert in minimally clinical important difference (MCID), especially as this statistic pertains to outcomes at the hip.
  • Dr. Kevin Ford presented at the Distance Summit at HPU
  • Dr. Hegedus and Dr. Wright presented at CSM in San Diego, CA– Drs Hegedus and Wright will present on diagnosis of shoulder pathology at the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM), the largest annual gathering of physical therapists in the nation.


Physical Therapy at HPU

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