Dr. DeWitt and Physics Students Contribute to PYPTUG Near Space Balloon Flight

Dr. Martin DeWitt and two first year students in DeWitt’s PHY 2020 course, Graham Rich and Max Maurer, developed code to collect pressure and temperature data on a high-altitude balloon launched by a community of Python programmers in the Triad area (PYPTUG). The near-space balloon was a project organized by members of the Python Piedmont Triad […]

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High-Speed Edgertronic Video Camera Purchased

Our department uses video analysis extensively for experiments, for both instruction and undergraduate research. We purchased an edgertronic high-speed video camera with up to 18,000 frames per second (FPS) and 720P @ 700 FPS. We chose the monochrome camera because of its higher ISO which increases light sensitivity (but also increases noise). Here’s a nice primer on high-speed video. Here are our […]

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