This week in Dr. Barlow’s Universe

Rodrigo Catalan-Hurtado is using the 1.5-meter SMARTS telescope in Chile to collect nightly optical spectra of a newly-discovered binary star system. The attached figure shows an example of a single spectral image. The bright vertical “stripes” are individual spectral orders that together cover the wavelength range 450 nm (leftmost order) to 850 nm (rightmost order). […]

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This week in Dr. Fiser’s lab

This week we used a potentiostat to create arrays of nickel tubes ten microns long and approximately 600 nm in diameter. The potentiostat sends a current through a solution of nickel ions, causing the ions to travel into a template with cylindrical pores, creating the tubes. We analyzed these tubes using the scanning electron microscope […]

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2015 SuRPS – Matthew Carnaghi

Matthew Carnaghi (’16) is a senior majoring in physics and computer science. Matt is working with Dr. Fiser at HPU in the university’s inaugural Summer Research Program in the Sciences (SuRPS). Their project is titled “Using biomimetic cilia arrays to investigate the flow of mucus in the human lung.” Their goal is to use life-sized artificial cilia (high […]

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