HPUniverse Day 2015

Approximately 1,000 adults and children from the city of High Point and surrounding communities joined us for our annual public outreach event, HPUniverse Day (see photos). Children enjoyed: making comets launching water bottle rockets riding a hovercraft making craters slow motion videos gravity gym infrared camera hunting for exoplanets observing through a telescope

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Paper submitted on classical particle exchange

Dr. Jarrett Lancaster of JSNN, alumnus Colin McGuire, and Dr. Aaron Titus wrote a paper on classical particle exchange. A pre-print of the paper is available on arXiv. Colin began this project for Honors credit in the calculus-based physics course 2009-2010. Dr. Lancaster developed analytic solutions and investigated the “relativistic” regime. The paper is a testimony […]

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SPS Meeting – Summer Research Presentations

Agenda 1. Summer research presentations 2. HPUniverse Day 3. T-shirt designs 4. Workbench construction (Thursday at 3:00pm) 5. Hovercraft construction (TBD) Attendance 14 students, 4 faculty Presentations NASA Panther CLAWS team The team said it was challenging and rewarding. They worked together well. For next proposal, they suggest that some team members stay on campus […]

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