Jul 13th, 2016

2016 SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH SERIES — Alan Vasquez and Ryan Hegedus

Alan Vasquez and Ryan Hegedus are wrapping up a week-long research experience at the Educational Research in Radio Astronomy (ERIRA) program in Greenbank, West Virginia. The program is headed up by Dr. Dan Reichart at UNC-Chapel Hill and is funded by the National Science Foundation. Greenbank is located in the National Radio Quiet Zone, in which radio transmissions are strictly restricted by the government for the sake of scientific research. There are no working cellphones here, no microwaves (unless they’re in a Faraday cage), no wifi, etc. — you can’t even drive a car with a spark plug on site because of the RF spikes it would produce on the big 300-foot telescope! While at ERIRA Alan and Ryan, along with 15 other undergraduates from various institutions, have carried out a handful of short radio astronomy projects using NRAO’s 40-foot and 20-meter telescopes. Today they will present their final results before heading back to High Point. (Photo Credit: David Moffett)