Colin McGuire

A Classical Force Exchange Simulation A classical force exchange refers to two objects that exchange a massive particle at constant speed. When the particle is “thrown” or “caught” by each object, it exerts an impulse on the object. As a result of this exchange, the objects accelerate away from each other with an apparent repulsive […]

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Brielle Spencer

High Speed Video Analysis of the Force by a Bowstring on an Arrow Bows and arrows have been used for years for both hunting and recreational purposes, and over time innovations have been made to the bow to make it easier for the user. An arrow needs to have high force on it in order […]

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Mark Montazer

Simulating Exoplanets and Radial Velocity Curves The most prolific method for detecting exoplanets is the radial velocity method. As discoveries are published, they are generally accompanied by data, a set of orbital parameters, and a statistical justification of the conclusions. Using both Keplerian mechanics and Newtonian mechanics, this project used Easy Java Simulations (EJS) to […]

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