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We graduated our first class of physics majors in 2010. These are some of our alumni, including those who majored and minored in physics.

Kevin-SandersKevin Sanders, 2014

Kevin Sanders graduated with a double major in physics and computer science. Kevin began doing research in his freshman year when he studied the path of an American football after a placekick.  He expected that the dominant forces would be drag and gravity. However, he found through video analysis that the end-over-end motion of the football creates lift which also affects its path. Kevin continued his research in his sophomore year when he numerically determined the coefficients of drag and lift that would best fit the measured path of the football. Summer after his sophomore year, he did funded research at the Colorado School of Mines REMRSEC REU program. Kevin worked in the High Performance Computing department on ParFlow, an integrated, parallel watershed model. After his junior year, Kevin spent the summer doing funded research through a University of Michigan REU at CERN, the premier particle accelerator in the world. Once again, his programming skills were noticed and he was tasked to work in the IT-CLS-DLT (Digital Library Technology) department on the ZENODO/Invenio project, a research sharing initiative. While he was there, he acquired an additional project analyzing particle collision data from the ATLAS detector. This led to funding to do research at CERN during the Spring Semester of his senior year. While taking three courses online at HPU, he lived in France and worked at CERN. Through these experiences, Kevin found that he wanted to study particle physics. As an undergraduate student, Kevin gave eight presentations at regional and national conferences, including three presentations at national AAPT meetings.  Kevin is now in the Ph.D. program in physics at Boston University and will do research in particle physics.


Andrei Makhanov, 2014

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