Daniel Short

High-Speed Video Analysis of a Cantilever A cantilever is a beam that is fixed at one end and free to oscillate on the other end. It is used in an atomic force microscope and a computer hard drive, for example. In this experiment, a cantilever was set up using a long, flat metal beam, and […]

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Laura Lee

High-Speed Video Analysis of Karate Kicks A properly performed karate kick requires agility and balance to produce a maximum-speed kick during the largest possible range. In this project, high-speed video analysis at 300 fps was used to study three different kicks: (1) the front kick, (2) the side kick, and (3) the roundhouse kick. The […]

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Brielle Spencer

High Speed Video Analysis of the Force by a Bowstring on an Arrow Bows and arrows have been used for years for both hunting and recreational purposes, and over time innovations have been made to the bow to make it easier for the user. An arrow needs to have high force on it in order […]

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