Do black holes really act like cosmic vacuum cleaners? How do we know the age of the universe? Is the speed of light truly a speed limit? If you’ve ever found yourself asking one of these questions or pondering other mysteries of the universe, consider joining us for one of our informative and entertaining public shows in the Culp Planetarium!

Shows are led by one of our trained staff members, which consist of professional astronomers, physicists, and undergraduate science majors. All shows begin with a brief tour of the night sky and end with a showing of one of our immersive fulldome movies. Short Q&A sessions follow both the night sky tour and fulldome movie, in case you have any pressing questions that will keep you up at night! Because each show features different sky objects and movies, you’ll never see the same show twice! And pay attention – you might have a chance to show off your newfound knowledge and win a prize!

All shows last approximately one hour. As always, tickets are free of charge, but seat reservations are required.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are not hosting groups in the Culp Planetarium until further notice. However, thanks to the wonderful folks at Spitz, Inc., we are able to share flat-screen versions of some of our fulldome content on our remote outreach page!