Dr. Joseph Blosser – Religion and Ethics

Is there a true definition of right and wrong? And does religion make any difference to the answer? Yes and yes. Without an understanding of one’s own religion as well as the religions of others in our world, people will struggle to make persuasive arguments about what it means to be moral. Dr. Joseph Blosser, Robert G. Culp Jr. Director of Service learning and associate professor of religion and philosophy, focuses on the kinds of moral decisions that affect the U.S. economy and politics. He researches the role of religion in the workplace, the ethics of economic policies, and the ways in which religion and American politics interact. He also insists that such moral knowledge cannot simply be learned in the classroom. As part of his role, he helps faculty develop courses that put students in volunteer and service roles in the community. He serves on non-profit boards throughout North Carolina and is regularly called on to consult on issues of poverty, food security, public education, and strategies for engaging people in democratic life.

Expertise: service learning, civic engagement, ethics, religion in the workplace, economic and political morality