Dr. Kirsten Li-Barber – Psychology

Dr. Kirsten Li-Barber, associate professor of psychology, is a developmental psychologist whose research focuses primarily on parent-child relationships. Parenting is a central component in the healthy development of a child, and the influence a parent has on their child’s success in life continues well after the childhood years. Li-Barber’s early research programs included examining the contributions of parental involvement and monitoring behavior among children with developmental disabilities, and the impact that parents’ involvement had on social relationships. This line of research has now evolved into a understanding of how high levels of parental involvement and monitoring of their child’s activities (commonly referred to as “helicopter parenting”) can affect the success of students transitioning into and out of college life. Her current research focus has extended to a collaboration with Dr. Kelly Curtis, HPU’s assistant professor of psychology, as they are also looking at parent-child relationships in the area of emotional health, attachment and physical well-being.

Expertise: parenting behavior, child and adolescent development, helicopter parenting