Dr. Jim Y. Trammell – Pop Culture and Media

Dr. Jim Y. Trammell is an associate professor of communication whose work focuses on the marriage of religion and media. He is the former head and research chair of the Religion and Media Interest Group for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. His research includes exploring Christian film criticism, the portrayals of religion in mainstream media, the impact of marketing in the evangelical Christian subculture and the coverage of gays and lesbians in the evangelical Christian press. His work appears in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, the Journal of Media and Religion, the Journal of Communication Inquiry and the Encyclopedia of Religion in America (CQ Press). He is the university’s Quality Enhancement Plan director. He manages High Point’s “Live, Learn, Grow” initiative to create a growth mindset culture. He has spoken to companies and schools about strategies related to growth mindset and grit.

Expertise: religion in the media