Dr. Jane Bowser – Education

Smart Phones, iPads and SMART Boards are changing the face of education today. How can educators leverage 
these tools to make a difference in their classrooms? Dr. Jane Bowser, chair of the Department of Specialized Curriculum and Instructional Technology, has extensive experience in the use of these tools and in providing training for educators of all levels. In addition to the newly evolved “smart” devices, Bowser also focuses on the use of Web
2.0 tools, such as Twitter, blogs, and wikis, as a means of providing faculty development as well as increasing student engagement in the learning process. As a SMART Certified Trainer, Bowser routinely provides workshops for teachers who carry continuing education credits and gives teachers the tools they need to embrace these new technologies.

Expertise: SMART technology, social media in education

Click here to watch a story on the Montlieu Academy iPad project, an initiative that Bowser was heavily involved in.