Dr. Shirley Disseler – Education

Dr . Shirley Disseler, STEM coordinator in the School of Education, understands the need to focus public education on the differentiated needs of children, especially in the areas of mathematics and STEM literacy. America is currently in the midst of creativity crisis that has been ongoing since the 1990’s. There are many reasons for this decline, none of which is single-handedly responsible for the lack of creative initiative in young learners. A recent poll indicates that the number one leadership competency of top companies is creativity. If we are to prepare children for a future of success, we must put creativity back into the mix of curriculum. Disseler’s research emphasis is on playing with passion and purpose in education through the use of LEGO bricks. She speaks nationally and  internationally about the role of creativity in classroom learning.

Expertise: STEM, legos, creativity crisis and education

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