Larry Quinn – Marketing

Laurence Quinn

Larry Quinn is chair of the Department of Marketing and Sales and director of the Professional Sales Program in the Earl N. Phillips School of Business. Quinn first came to HPU in 2013. Quinn teaches marketing and professional selling at HPU. He has previously taught professional selling, marketing, organizational behavior at Greensboro College, George Mason and Elon University. Before Quinn came to academia, he worked in the business world as a top executive in sales and marketing. After a tour in the U.S. Navy, he worked as a system engineer at EDS; a sales representative, sales manager and national sales training manager at Xerox; and as vice president of sales and marketing at Thomson Professional Publishing Group, as well as Duplex Printing Corp. He has received several awards including Salesman of the Year, and Sales Manager of the Year in the Printing Systems Division at Xerox.

Expertise: Professional Sales