Dr. Greggory Hundt – Psychology Psychology

Dr. Greggory Hundt – Psychology

Dr. Greggory Hundt is department chair and professor of psychology. His research interests focus on individuals’ attitudes and factors related to social influence and motivation. He has previously spoken on the psychology behind buying lottery tickets as well as the psychology of multi-tasking in a busy, hectic environment and how ineffective it can be. Currently, […]

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Dr. Sadie Leder Elder – Psychology

Dr. Sadie Leder Elder, associate professor of psychology, is an expert on the one thing that people never get tired of talking about – love. The difference is that Dr. Elder is a knowledgeable scholar on the topic of romantic relationships and has conducted and published scientific research on partners selection, commitment, and relationship rekindling. […]

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Dr. Kirsten Li-Barber – Psychology

Dr. Kirsten Li-Barber, associate professor of psychology, is a developmental psychologist whose research focuses primarily on parent-child relationships. Parenting is a central component in the healthy development of a child, and the influence a parent has on their child’s success in life continues well after the childhood years. Li-Barber’s early research programs included examining the […]

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