To maintain their accreditation with SACS, all universities and colleges submit a QEP. Below is a list and brief description of other universities’ Quality Enhancement Plans. The schools have been chosen only to show the diversity of plans. For a complete list, visit the SACS website, search for QEP, and select an entry with Summaries in the title.

Radford University, Radford, VA, “Scholar Citizen: Create. Connect. Contribute”
Radford’s Scholar-Citizen Intiative (SCI) was adopted to assist students in developing a sense of how they can contribute to the world around them on both a local and global scale. To achieve this objective, Radford plans to offer additional alternative break opportunities and study abroad options, as well as increase academic experiences that include group interactions.

Parker University, Dallas, TX, “Advancing Critical Thinking”
Parker University plans to improve student and faculty critical thinking skills by creating a Center for Teaching and Learning to educate faculty about teaching critical thinking. The techniques learned by faculty will then be implemented in the classroom.

Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU), Marietta, GA, “Engaged Communities: Engaging Entering Students through Learning Communities”
SPSU plans to increase student success (improve student learning and increase retention) by grouping entering students (freshmen and transfer students) by major into smaller cohorts and scheduling three courses (an orientation course for the school, a major orientation course, and a general education course) with the same cohort in the first semester.

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, “Students as Scholars”
George Mason’s QEP focuses on bringing scholarly activity to the forefront of the university by increasing student awareness and the number of scholarly opportunities on campus. As a result of this QEP, the university hopes to develop a culture of scholarship and research with the appropriate foundation to support it.

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP), Pembroke, NC, “Write to the Top: Enhancing Student Writing through a Writing Intensive Program”
UNCP’s QEP focuses on improving student writing skills by requiring 9 hours of Writing courses in addition to their Freshman Composition Courses (two three-hour courses), training faculty in how to assign better writing assignments and respond to student writing assignments, and improving the university’s Writing Center.

Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA, “Fostering a Culture of Engaged Learning for First Year Students”
Oglethorpe University has set up a program called “Petrel Points” which requires first year students to earn 12 total points by participating in on and off campus events. These events fall under three different categories: Arts and Ideas, Civic Engagement, and Campus Leadership and Citizenship. In addition, Oglethorpe is instituting learning communities with 15 students per community who share a common first-year course and faculty mentors.

Vance-Granville Community College, Henderson, NC, “Advising in 3D: Dream, Design, Discover”
To increase student retention and improve student academics, Vance-Granville Community College (VGCC) focused their QEP on enhancing academic advising and career planning services for its students. Students are encouraged to form relationships with their advisors and become more independent, take more ownership of their schedules and future directions.

College of the Mainland, Texas City, TX “Find Your Voice at COM: Oral Communication Across the Curriculum”
To improve student oral communication, the College of the Mainland (COM) will introduce oral communication components in 24 classes spanning the curriculum, create an electronic method for students to receive immediate guidance from speech experts, and train faculty on the topic of oral communication and how to evaluate it. In addition, COM will institute speaking performances twice each year.

Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX, “Foundations of Science: Improving Scientific Reasoning Among Non-Science Majors”
Sam Houston State University (SHSU) created a general education science course “Foundations of Science”, which includes a sampling of material from all science disciplines and focuses on practicing the use of scientific reasoning and critical thinking. SMSU hopes their course will help students gain and retain basic scientific knowledge, and develop and hone their abilities to reason logically and evaluate the merit of various claims.