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Thank you for considering booking the Chapel, Chapel Garden, and Fellowship Hall. Your direct contact for the logistics of your event is the Manager of Chapel Programs Rev. Andria Williamson at or 336-841-9132. 


Weddings at High Point University cannot be scheduled more than one year in advance. Availability for weddings are determined by the academic calendar, major university events, and current COVID-19 protocols and restrictions. As you request possible dates for your wedding, please select dates outside of the following major University Events.

The University does not schedule more than one wedding on the same day. The Chapel is obligated to guarantee all of its facilities to each bride at least 1 hour and a half before the ceremony. Each bride will be allotted six hours on the day of the wedding for the use of the facilities. Weddings are not scheduled during spring break or fall break, on New Year’s Day, Easter Weekend, Memorial Day, Independence Day (weekend), Orientation Weekend, Alumni and Family Weekend, Thanksgiving Day and Weekend, Christmas Week, Graduation Weekend, Weekends during final exams, Admissions Weekends and Weekends of other campus wide events.

Other Regulations

  • Alcohol – Members of the wedding party are strictly enjoined that under no circumstances must any of them come to the rehearsal or the wedding under the influence of alcohol. The Minister to the University has complete authority to cancel a wedding at the last moment for any deviation from this rule. Remember that the rehearsal and the wedding are religious ceremonies. Unlike most church settings, High Point University is a public place with security officers. Alcohol violations are subject to arrest. Avoid embarrassment. Alcohol is not permitted during the ceremony (i.e. wine).
  • Rice – NO RICE MAY BE THROWN IN THE CHAPEL OR ON THE GROUNDS. We prefer that birdseed be used outside the building for ecological reasons. No flowers (silk petals dropped by the flower girl are permitted) or other objects are to be thrown inside the Chapel.

Available Facilities

The Charles E. Hayworth Sr. Memorial Chapel and its garden are made available for weddings only to persons who have a connection with the University community. Current full time students, graduates, faculty, and staff may reserve the Chapel for themselves or for their children, when either the bride or groom is the child. Before the Chapel is officially reserved, the individual connected with the University must complete and sign a Wedding Facilities Contract and a Wedding Information Form. It is important to remember that the person who signs the facilities form will be held responsible if any damage takes place to the Chapel or its grounds. For your convenience, the Wedding Facilities Addendum is listed below:

For Weddings

The sanctuary seats approximately 280 persons and the Chapel Garden will accommodate 125 rental chairs for a wedding. The mailing address, where you may submit the rental fee of $350 is:

Attn: Rev. Andria Williamson

Charles E. Hayworth Sr. Memorial Chapel
High Point University
One University Parkway
High Point, NC 27268

Rehearsal Dinners and Receptions

Unfortunately High Point University does not host rehearsal dinners or receptions on campus.


Please inform the Manager of Chapel Programs if you will be asking someone to perform the wedding other than the Minister to the University. If so, as soon as the date is confirmed on the Chapel calendar and with the officiating minister, the bride and groom are asked to consult with him/her regarding a pre-marital counseling (or conferences) prior to the wedding. The minister must be an ordained minister. If the minister or ministers are expected to attend any of the social functions associated with the wedding, invitations should be extended well in advance of the date. The officiating minister will have use of the Chapel on this one-time basis (and for rehearsal). Be sure to state the full name and address of the officiating minister on the facilities use form.


As soon as the date for the wedding is cleared with the Chapel calendar, the Organist or musicians should be notified. Music, as used in the services of the Church, is an expression of worship – Wedding music should be no exception to this rule. All such music, both instrumental and vocal, should be appropriate for one of the most important religious rites administered by the Church.


The Charles E. Hayworth Sr. Memorial Chapel has a beautiful pipe organ which was installed in 1990. Capable organists are ready to assist you with your needs. A list of approved organists is available. These professional organists are listed in alphabetical order with information provided as to their credentials, work experience, fees, and services. You should contact the organist and secure a commitment to play for your wedding. The organist is the control person for your music. The listed organists are the only people approved to play the organ for a wedding. If you choose to use the piano in the Chapel you may use the pianist of your choice.

Photographs and Recording

Flash Photography or lighted video recorders will not be allowed during the progress of the sacred wedding ceremony. Sound from electronic devices, including cameras and video recorders must be turned in the off position. Photographs may be made in the narthex of the Sanctuary or the Chapel Garden before or after the ceremony and the wedding party may return to the altar or the garden after the ceremony for as many pictures as they wish. Photographs with time exposures may be taken during the ceremony. We reserve the right to restrict any photographer who does not abide by the above policy. Any recording or tapes of the ceremony are the responsibility of the wedding party. An electrical outlet has been provided on the left (facing altar) balcony’s front aisle wall for video cameras.

Wedding Director

Your rehearsal and wedding, whether in the chapel or the garden, must have an approved director. The director should make certain that the florist, photographer, caterer and other involved professionals are familiar with the wedding information.


Within the Chapel building there are to be no candles or other open flame, except the candles on the Altar and/or a unity candle, which may be lit for weddings. The altar candles are to remain in place and all candles must be extinguished following the taking of photographs. Any additional decoration used such as additional greenery must be placed in the Altar area. No decorations are permitted in the Pulpit. Furniture may not be removed. The piano, if not being used, may be closed and carefully moved to the far side so as not to damage the wall or piano. No tacks, nails, tape, or glue may be used to fasten any decoration to the furniture or building inside the Chapel or to the arbor or walls of the Chapel Garden. A soft ribbon may be used. The furniture and  floor must be fully protected at all times from moisture and the floor of the Garden must be protected from candle wax at all times. The Florist and the wedding party will be held responsible for any damage done to the Chapel building and furniture and/or the Chapel Garden and its surroundings. Florists and caterers must remove all non-University property immediately following the wedding and reception. The University will not be responsible for equipment, materials, and personal possessions left in the Chapel. All chairs and tables rented for use in the Chapel Garden must be removed within two hours of the completion of the ceremony. Consequently, arrangements must be made for storage of such items. The University is not responsible for storing such items unless prior arrangements have been made. Such arrangements may involve an additional storage fee.

Other Considerations

  • Parking is available in the Parking Lot behind the Chapel.
  • No vehicles are permitted on the lawn or sidewalks surrounding the chapel buildings.