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Students may register in sequence for three Christian Worship classes, Religion 1019, 1020, and 1021. Religion 1019 and 1020 each gives one hour of academic credit, and Religion 1021 offers two hours of academic credit. To accommodate the busy schedules of students and to allow students to develop relationships with churches and religious organizations outside campus worship services at High Point University are held Wednesday evenings, 5:30-6:15 p.m in Hayworth Chapel. Each worship service strives to provide an inspired time, space and message that aids all who attend in the ongoing work of self and social transformation.

These ecumenical services are scheduled during this time slot for many reasons. Students indicate that the day and time are conducive to their needs and interests as they navigate tests, papers, and the academic week. No evening degree classes are held on Wednesdays so the Chapel truly is a place where the whole student body can gather. By not competing with local churches, we are able to utilize their numerous and quality choirs to supplement our own choirs, and can encourage students to attend one on their chosen day of worship. The University provides a variety of religious organizations, and these groups are worthy of your involvement and respect. Last but not least, students find a willing and caring faculty and a competent Student Life Office to support their college experience.


“Each week, services in the Charles E. Hayworth Sr. Memorial Chapel are packed with students, faculty, and staff who commune together in a time of Christian fellowship. Without question or exception, these Chapel services nourish our souls and feed our hearts. These stewards of Christian service stand as examples to the rest of the campus. We are grateful for their commitment to the University, and we give them our full support.”

Dr. Nido R. Qubein



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Worship services at High Point University are held Wednesday evenings, 5:30-6:20 p.m in Hayworth Chapel.

Rev. Andria Williamson
Manager of Chapel Programs

Phone: (336) 841-9132