Students may register in sequence for three Christian Worship classes, Religion 1019, 1020, and 1021. Religion 1019 and 1020 each gives one hour of academic credit, and Religion 1021 offers two hours of academic credit. To accommodate the busy schedules of students and to allow students to develop relationships with churches and religious organizations outside campus worship services at High Point University are held Wednesday evenings, 5:30-6:20 p.m in Hayworth Chapel. Each worship service strives to provide an inspired time, space and message that aids all who attend in the ongoing discipleship.

“Wednesday night Chapel at High Point University is one of our longstanding traditions. The services nourish our souls and feed our hearts. We at HPU are committed to building students from the inside out so that they live lives defined by significance as much as success. The spiritual life is foundational for that kind of life. We’re grateful for all the students and community volunteers who make religious life at High Point University a cornerstone to the High Point University experience.”

—Dr. Nido Qubein, HPU President


“My time with the Chapel and Religious Life Office has been instrumental in shaping who I am and who I desire to be as I continue to grow spiritually. Not only has it fostered my passion for social justice through meaningful conversation and mentoring, but it has also given me a language to talk about God’s love in the midst of worldly injustice and violence. On many days, the Chapel Office is my refuge and where there is always a spot on the couch for me. It is my happy place.”

—Tiffany Jones, President Emeritus, Board of Stewards. Masters of Divinity student at Vanderbilt Divinity School