Rev. Dr. Preston Davis

Minister to the University | 336-841-9241

Rev. Dr. Preston Davis Profile

Rev. Andria L. Williamson

Manager of Chapel Programs | 336-841-9132

Rev. Andria L. Williamson Profile

Rev. Dr. Al Ward

Clergy-In-Residence| 336-841-9828

Carol Earnhardt

Dr. Carol Earnhardt

Chapel Choir Director

Carol Earnhardt Profile


Marcia Dills

University Organist| 336-841-9232

Marcia Dills Profile


Rev. Tony Kindred

Sports Chaplain| 336-307-1629

Rev. Tony Kindred Profile

Marc Foster

Dr. Marc Foster

Chair of Music Department and Director of Choral Activities | 336-841-4551

Dr. Marc Foster Profile

Jim Smith

Rev. Dr. Jim Smith

Chaplain to Graduate Students

Email | 336-869-0850

Gabrielle Banks

Multimedia Assistant – Senior Leader


James Last

Multimedia Assistant – Videographer


Taylor Ann Hartley 

Multimedia Assistant – Social Media and Communications


Jacob Berg

Multimedia Assistant – Content Creator


Ryan Stewart

Multimedia Assistant – Videographer


Sophie Carter

Outreach Coordinator


Farrelle Franks

HPU Sunday Worship Leader


Reyna Alston

HPU Sunday Worship Leader


Laila Jones

HPU Sunday Worship Leader


Olivia Lender

Interfaith Partner