Homesteading is defined as one student who is living in the room for the current semester (Spring 2022) that elects to renew their assignment for the following year. Students who are on disciplinary probation, have received destruction/damage charges with restitution amounts totaling $200 or more, have received a second unauthorized party sanction or charged with a pet violation within an academic year are ineligible to participate in the homesteading process. If the disqualifying sanction(s) occur after the space has been homesteaded, the assignment will be removed.

a. Students have the ability to “homestead” their room if they reside in the following residential buildings:

  • 806 Point Place
  • 812 Point Place
  • 818 Point Place
  • Centennial Square
  • Centennial Square #2
  • McCain Place Townhomes
  • North College Court
  • North College Terrace
  • North College Townhomes
  • The Village
  • The Village II
  • University Village (UVille)

b. The student wanting to homestead their bedspace will use the online housing process and select their current bedroom for the following academic year.

c. Students are only able to homestead their individual room if they are currently assigned there for the Spring 2022 semester.

d. Students who have homesteaded their current bed space and are wanting to move within their suite/unit into a vacant bed space will have the ability to log back into the portal and make changes. Specific dates and times will be given for students to make these changes. If students who homestead and want to make changes can’t agree on who gets the vacant bed space, preference will go to the student with the most credit hours.

e. Students who have homesteaded their individual bedroom have the ability to pull students into any opening(s) within their assignment. In order to pull student(s) in, the student who homesteaded their room will go online via and create a group. The group will consist of the students who they want to assign to the opening(s) within the suite. Once the group is formed and confirmed, the student who formed the group/homesteaded will be able to go online and assign the group members (the students they are wanting to pull in) to the room/suite. Specific dates and times will be given for students to homestead in particular buildings, as well as when they will go online and create a group to assign other students to the openings in the suite. Please note that just because you add a person to a group (or have been added to a group) during homesteading, does not guarantee an assignment during the process. It is up to the group leader to form the group and assign group members into available bed spaces. If students who homestead do not agree on who to pull into openings, preference will go to the student with the most credit hours.

f. If students miss the deadline to homestead their current assignment, they do not have the opportunity to homestead late and will need to go through the online room reservation process. Students who homestead their housing assignment or are “pulled in” will not need to go through the traditional room reservation process. Homesteading will secure housing assignment for the upcoming academic year.

g. If a Resident Assistant is currently assigned to your room/suite/unit, this room has been designated as an RA room. A Resident Assistant will continue to be assigned to your room for the 2022-2023 academic year.

h. If you have currently singled out a double occupancy room, please note that double occupancy rooms will not be singled out for the 2022-2023 academic year at this time. If you have an opening in your double occupancy room on the last day to add/drop classes in Fall 2022, you will be given the opportunity to pay the additional investment to single out the space.