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At High Point University, campus life encourages wholeness and student development and wants to empower students by creating a strong sense of self, both in the classroom and in the residential communities. We love to hear from our students–below are testimonials from current students who live among our residential community.

Living in Belk has been an incredible experience this year! I went to a boarding school for high school so I’ve had plenty of experience with the traditional hallway style dorms. Since Belk is a suite style building it really provides a unique environment to live in during your freshman year. You can get away from your room by just going one door down and feel like you’re in a whole other building. The rooms have a big lounge area where all my roommates and I hang out constantly and it allows us to really have fun and the room to play games when we bring all of our friends over. The layout of the rooms works perfectly for eight people and since we have sinks in our rooms it deletes the potential for a bathroom jam. I love Belk so much I wish I could live there for all of my years at High Point.
– Ashley Loy 
Winchester, VA

I absolutely love living in Blessing. It’s great having the privacy of my own room while still being able to hang out with my friends in the living room. The set up couldn’t be better with the convenience of the kitchen and the bathrooms; all the accommodations certainly make it feel like home away from home.
– Lauren Ignozzi
Centerville, OH

There are so many great things about living in Blessing Hall. It is great to live in a suite where you live closely with your suite mates but also have the ability to go into your own room, where you are able to do homework and have time to yourself. You have a kitchen as well as your own common room. What more could you ask for? One of my favorite things about Blessing is it is easy to study and take charge of your academics at hand. You don’t have to go to the library to get your work done because since you have your own room you have a good and quite learning place.
– Danny McGrew
Atlanta, GA

Deciding to live in Finch was one of the best decisions I could have made. I love the set up of having a roommate and sharing a bathroom with another room. The first day I moved in and I immediately knew three other people and I have met majority of my friends from living in Finch. Being in the center of campus is awesome; everything is within a few minutes away.
– Drew Hackett
Plainsboro, NJ

In McEwen, everyone’s door is almost always open. Living in a suite made it easier for me to get to know at least two other girls besides my roommate. Living in McEwen I was able to be near the library, Slane, and close to almost all of my classes. Those days where nothing was really going on I could go right next door and hang out with my suite mates or into the lounge and find someone new to talk to.
Imani Grampus Fresh
Meadows, NY

Living in North has been a fantastic experience. Everyone at some point or another has their door open and when walking through the hall everyone is so friendly. North Hall is a great residence hall especially when you are a freshman because you are able to meet so many people.
– Heather Semmes
Greenwich, CT

I spent my first month of my freshman year in Blessing hall. However much I loved the luxury of the five floor building, I moved into the Complex. I met so many people! The showers and bathrooms are very clean and there’s always one available. The most convenience I’ve found in Yadkin was that the laundry room was actually on my floor. The girls on my floor in Yadkin have become my best friends. We leave our doors open so that anyone can come in and join the conversation. The Complex is the ultimate college experience.
– Heather Whedbee Estell
Manor, NJ

I absolutely love living in the University Center! My room is everything I could have hoped for in my college experience. The bathroom is beautiful with a wall length mirror and floor to ceiling cabinets on either side of the two sinks. The ten foot ceilings in both the bathroom and the main living area make the rooms feel extremely spacious and comfortable. I also love having a mini kitchen in the room which makes preparing meals or late night study snacks easy. I have more than enough storage space for all of my things, from drawers under the bed to the closet to the stylish amour and cabinets. This is the most luxurious dorm that I have ever seen. After moving in, I personalized by room and felt right at home. The community in my hall is another piece to the whole experience which has put me completely at ease. I have great friends right down the hall from my room so we can walk down and visit each other anytime. Living in the UC is great when it comes to dining options as well. The Great Day Bakery and The Point sports bar are both right downstairs. This is perfect for rainy days if you don’t want to leave the building! The study room on the third floor offers a beautiful, quiet place to study right in the building. The UC isn’t far from anything on campus and coming home to this building, sitting up on a hill, makes me smile every time. I couldn’t be happier with where I am living and wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else.
Lauren Henkel
Severn, MD

I love living in Wesley, not only do you meet and become friends with all the girls on your hall or floor, by the end of the semester you know everyone in the complex, it becomes a small family, and someone is always doing something fun.
Samantha Schaeffer
Lewisburg WV

The honors floor has been my refuge from an often chaotic college life. I have never experienced any greater educational bond with a group of people than my new found friends on the honors floor. Being able to share in my collegiate and academic affairs with other like minded individuals, who share my same desire and passion for learning, has been extraordinary. I could not ask for a better environment to achieve the goals I have set for myself through my first year in college than then honors floor, and even broader, the honor’s program.
Jeremy Hopkins
Charlottesville, VA

Living on the Honors floor has been one of my best experiences here at High Point. I’ve met many of my closest friends here and have been able to interact with peers who have a similar drive and ambition towards their studies like I do. We have fun on game nights, yet work hard when it is time to study. Being in a tight knit group like ours has allowed me to put my best foot forward in my classes and has made me confident in knowing I can succeed here at High Point.
Taylor Zickefoose
Thurmont, MD