VIDEO: Identifying Crime Risk Areas on Campus

High Point University made this video for the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators.

By Zach Winn · February 5, 2016

Anyone in the field of campus security knows that all parts of every campus were not created equal.

Certain areas of campus are more susceptible to crime than others for a variety of reasons.

In this video, made for the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators by High Point University, security professionals help identify these crime-risk areas.

The objectives of this video are:

  • To identify crime risk areas on your cmapus
  • To identify the potential crimes that may occur in the crime risk areas
  • To identify methods to reduce or eliminate crimes on campus
  • To educate your campus community on proven methods to reduce or eliminate crime



This article is republished from the Campus Safety Magazine, originally posted online February 5 2016.


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