Security & Transportation

Emergency Mass Notification

In order for all members of campus to be informed about emergency and urgent situations, Panther ALERTS and ADVISORIES are broadcast through the Blackboard Connect mass notification system. These messages are sent through a variety of communication methods depending on the nature of the incident.


A Panther ALERT is issued during situations that pose an immediate risk to personal safety and property (e.g. tornado warning, active shooter, significant hazardous materials spill/release). To ensure that the campus is aware of the dangerous situation, Panther ALERTs are broadcast through every means possible, including:

  • Text message
  • Voice message
  • Email
  • Campus Phones
  • Scrolling Alert on Campus Computers
  • Campus Electronic Message Boards
  • Updates to the HPU website, Facebook and Twitter
  • Activation of the siren/PA system


A Panther ADVISORY is issued during situations when there is no immediate risk to personal safety or property but the event may significantly disrupt campus operations (e.g. building closures, power outages, tornado watches). A Panther ADVISORY is considered a lower class of warning and is only sent to the following:

  • Text message
  • Email

Updating Contact Information

Students should update their contact information in MyStuff in the Personal Data Sheet under the Communication Tab.

Faculty and staff should update their contact information in the Colleague Portal.


Any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding campus emergency preparedness and/or safety issues should be directed to Gus Porter, Emergency Preparedness & Safety Coordinator, at 336-841-9562 or

Contact Us

If you require emergency assistance:
  • Dial ext. 9111 from a campus phone
  • Call (336) 841-9111
  • Push the emergency call button on any C.A.R.E. point
Our non-emergency phone number is (336) 841-9112 or campus ext. 9112.

If you require immediate transportation assistance:
  • Dial ext. 9113 from a campus extension
  • Call (336) 841-9113
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