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A bomb threat is assumed to be real and should be reported immediately. If you receive a threat of any kind, immediately call Security at 336-841-9111. Security will contact police and begin a preliminary investigation.

Bomb threats are typically received via phone, sometimes by note or letter. Most bomb threats are made by individuals wanting to create an atmosphere of anxiety and panic – but all calls must be taken seriously. No actual explosive device has ever been discovered in a school after a bomb threat but one cannot assume it is simply a hoax.

If you receive a threatening call, remain calm and keep the caller on the line as long as possible. Write down as much detail about the call as possible (including a description of the caller’s voice, tone, background noise, caller ID). Have a friend of coworker contact Security.

Use this checklist as a guide for handling a bomb threat.

If You Receive a Suspicious Package:

Contact HPU Security at 336-841-9111 or extension 9111 if you receive or discover a suspicious package. DO NOT use a cell phone.

Do not investigate the package on your own. Do not shake or bump the package or letter – isolate the package. Calmly alert others in the area and exit. Wash your hands after handling any suspicious letters or packages.