Students, faculty, and community members all benefit from service learning courses.

Students report that taking a service learning courses results in:

  • A more engaging classroom experience
  • Higher grades
  • Better connections with their faculty members
  • Greater satisfaction with their college experience
  • Better career development
  • And studies show students who take SL courses have higher retention and graduation rates

See the new report from the American Association of Colleges and Universities, titled A Crucible Moment, pages 12-13 for the studies that substantiate the above claims.

Faculty also get a number of benefits…here are a few to consider:

  • Your class will be capped at 20 students
  • If selected for a Faculty Development Grant (a necessary prerequisite to teach a SL course), you will receive a $2,000 peer-reviewed award (that may be beneficial to your tenure and promotion file), professional development training, and form collegial relationships across the University.
  • A federal work-study student will be assigned to your course to take care of the logistical issues that arise with coordinating service work.
  • You can develop relationships with people throughout the Piedmont Triad Community
  • You will have access to some (minor) additional funds to support class projects and trips

Community partners benefit from the program as well. They receive:

  • Knowledgeable and skilled students to aid in projects and programs
  • Promotion of their agency’s mission through our students and the HPU Service Learning Program Website
  • A closer connection to HPU faculty