The Service Learning Program is engaged in an extensive assessment strategy to improve the student learning and community service aspects of the program. The Service Learning Committee has created and approved an assessment strategy based on the LEAP Outcomes and the VALUE rubrics created by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Faculty Instructions on how assessments will be done: SL_Faculty_Assessment_Instructions

The rubric we will use to evaluate student work is here (highlighted portion is the specific focus objective for the year): SL Assessment Rubric

We urge SL faculty to complete their own internal mid-term evaluation. A sample evaluation tool can be found here: Midterm_Service_Learning_Survey


 Executive Summaries

Ex Summary Memo 2016-2017

Ex Summary Memo 2015-2016

Ex Summary Memo 2014-2015

Ex Summary Memo 2013-2014

Ex Summary Memo 2012-2013

In the 2015-16 AY, we received IRB approval to study the learning outcomes of SL courses. This continues the program’s emphasis on using scholarship to enhance teaching. Similarly, in the Fall 2012 semester, we received IRB approval for a mixed methods study that evaluated the student experience in the program as compared to other classes across campus.  We conducted pre- and post-tests on our faculty and students to understand better how SL influences their teaching and learning, and we hosted several students and faculty focus groups. And we work constantly with our community partners to ensure that the work our students do with them is of true and lasting value.