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For student clubs/organizations to thrive their membership must continue to grow through recruiting efforts. As student leaders continue recruitment efforts there are many factors they should consider:

Why are new members important?

  • To generate┬ánew ideas.
  • To prevent burnout.
  • To provide additional manpower.

Understanding Your Organization

  • Know your goals and objectives.
  • Choose a theme or direction for recruitment.
  • Think about who you want/need to join.

Set Recruitment Goals

  • How many new members can your organization reasonably assimilate into the group?
  • Will you allow people to join at any time or only during the designated recruitment period?
  • Will you hold a mass meeting or is membership by invitation only?

Get Everyone Involved

  • Have current members identify potential new members.
  • Explain how your organization could be beneficial to a potential new member.


  • Visual elements can include but are not limited to social media, posters, flyers, banners, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Advertise often and early.

New Member Orientation

  • Teach new members about the goals, objectives, structure, norms, and taboos of your organization.
  • Other things to cover: rights and responsibilities of members, organization governance and policies, organization history, traditions, and programs.

Recruitment Tips

  • Personal contact is the most effective and cost-efficient means of recruiting new members.
  • Co-sponsor campus events so that your organization becomes more well-known.
  • Ask key people to recommend members for your organization.
  • When someone expresses an interest in getting involved, give them a meaningful task to do.
  • Make a list of the advantages of being a new member.
  • Create a display that you can set up during the Activities Fair.
  • Hold an information meeting.