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Below is a list of the chartered religious organizations on campus. Each organization has specific information about that organization’s purpose, meeting times and locations, contact information, and social media sites.

Alpha Delta Theta
Campus Outreach
HPU Catholic Campus Ministries
Young Life College Life

Alpha Delta Theta

Purpose:  To promote sisterhood and service through Christian foundations. 

Membership Criteria: $40 dues/semester. Meet service points and attendance requirements.

Meeting Day: Tuesday

Meeting Time:  7:30pm

Meeting Location:  Hayworth Fellowship Hall


PresidentKaitlyn Wright
SGA RepresentativeAlexandra Miller
AdvisorTeresa Parker

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Campus Outreach

Purpose: Campus Outreach is an interdenominational ministry that seeks to help students grow in their faith and develop as leaders in the world.

Membership Criteria: Anyone interested is welcome to join!

Athletes Connect*: Tuesday @ 8pm, Congdon 209

Greek Connect*:  Wednesday @ 8pm, Greek Conference Center

Campus Outreach Connect: Thursday @ 9pm, Wilson Commerce 307

*Athletes Connect & Greek Connect are not exclusive to athletes or those involved in Greek life, but are predominately attended by our members who are involved in athletics or Greek life. Members not involved in either generally attend Thursday nights.


PresidentRachel Hill
SGA RepresentativeRebecca Ulrich
AdvisorBrian Augustine

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HPU Catholic Campus Ministries

Purpose:  The primary focus of this group is to serve the spiritual needs of Roman Catholic members of the High Point University community and any one interested in the Roman Catholic faith.  We hold mass on campus each week for the Catholic students on campus, as well as hold other fellowship events to build community. 

Membership Criteria:  Open to any undergraduate student who has an interest in the Catholic faith is welcome to join and attend mass or other activities/events.

Meeting Day: Sunday 

Meeting Time: 9pm 

Meeting Location: Hayworth Chapel Fellowship Hall 


PresidentRebecca Verde
SGA RepresentativeMaria Kehrli
AdvisorLarry Quinn

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Young Life College Life

Purpose:  The purpose of College Life is to create a community and opportunity for people to find faith in Jesus Christ. Our organization seeks to have student leaders engage in friendships with their peers to build friendships and share their faith with them. We achieve this by having events, bi-weekly club meetings, Bible studies, and retreats where students can come to build community and hear about the Gospel. Everyone is welcome to all of our gatherings and College Life wants to be a safe place for anyone to feel accepted, gain friendships, and pursue their relationship with Christ.

Membership Criteria:  There is no criteria to join College Life. We welcome anyone and everyone to come to our gatherings and be a part of our organization. There is no membership fee to join. We want people to feel welcomed, have fun, make friends and find hope in God.

Meeting Day: Wednesday  

Meeting Time: 8pm

Meeting Location: Hayworth Fellowship Hall


PresidentJacob Froats
SGA RepresentativeMolly Couick
AdvisorDr. Aaron Titus

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Our office is located on the third floor of the Slane Student Center. We are open daily from 8:30am – 5pm.

(336) 841-9231
(336) 841-4513 (fax)