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The Student Government Association exists to facilitate student involvement in the decision-making process at High Point University. The Director of Student Engagement serves as the Advisor to the Student Government Association and assures that the voice of the students is included in the University’s decision-making processes.

Students are encouraged to suggest improvements or changes to policies, procedures, practices, or services which would make High Point University a better educational community. University administrators are eager to discuss ways of improving the University with you. Students can submit these suggestions here.

The President of the Student Government Association participates in open sessions of the Board of Trustees and serves as an ex officio member on the Student Life Committee of the Board. Meetings of the Student Government Association are open to all students. Meeting dates can be found here.

The University Community Affairs Board, an agency of the Student Government Association, meets periodically with University administrators to assess campus life and to make suggestions for the improvement of the University’s programs and services.