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Student Government at High Point University originated as a Men’s and Women’s Council in 1924. Over the years, the students decided to merge the two groups and establish in 1934 what is now the Student Government Association (SGA) of High Point University.

There have been some changes to HPU SGA over the last 85+ years, but the purpose has been the same: to lead and be the role models and advocates for the students on campus. This can be seen through all the years of hard work and change that each year’s SGA has brought to campus through student engagement activities, volunteer and service projects, and much more.

Our history is important because it teaches us valuable lessons from our actions and reminds us where we came from. Below you will find a list of all the documented past High Point University Student Government Association Presidents and Vice Presidents for each school year.


Student Government in 1927

1927 SG


Student Government Association in 1967

SGA in 1967


Student Government Association in 1997

SGA in 1997


Fall - SpringPresidentVice PresidentChief JusticeLegislative VPSocial VPNotes
2022-2023Lizzy Eisenhardt
Mia Clemons*Hannah Parson*Executive Vice President, Executive Treasurer, and Executive Secretary renamed to Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary
2021-2022Katy Parisi
Emmy Beck-AdenBri RiveraEstablished the Student Leaders Council
2020-2021Samuel Carr
Emmy Beck-AdenLindsay Enright & AJ FrezzaChanged chair positions to Vice President positions, Vice President renamed to Executive Vice President worked with Administration to guide the student body through COVID-19
2019-2020Alex Bush
Alexis OgrenMegan SheaCreated a Graduate Student Government Association.
2018-2019Lyndsey Clos
Kirby HutchesonMichael Dreher
2017-2018Alexandra Archuleta
Lyndsey ClosMichael Dreher
2016-2017Rachel Callaway
Alex Archuleta/Jordan Bydume*Jordan Bydume/Lyndsey Clos*Alex Archuleta Studied Abroad 2017

Instituted Chartered V. Recognized
2015 - 2016Joshua Gilstrap
Lydia PriorJordan BydumeExecutive Vice President renamed to Vice President and Judicial Vice President renamed to Chief Justice
2014 - 2015Greyson Whitaker
Nicole KarleskyZachary Hall / Steven Edwards **Zachary Hall graduates in December 2014
2013 - 2014Tyler Steelman
Elizabeth TaheriAshley Prindle
2012 - 2013Tyler Steelman
Christiana BrockDana Linblad
2011 - 2012Nicholas LincolnTaylor ZickefooseAmelia Morgan
2010 - 2011Eric SkinkleHannah HeronNicholas Lincoln(Position dissolved)
2009 - 2010Andrew RealonSkylar MabeMichael KnucklesAlysha Christian(Position dissolved)
2008 - 2009W. Daniel Costello
Victoria BaxterJoshua FoxMichael KnucklesJenn Hastings
2007 - 2008W. Daniel Costello
Julia JohnstonNina LickettoRobert Reed GodsonKrista Wagoner
2006 - 2007Josh Faucette
Megan PastorShannon StevensonPaul HannamKatie Clain-Steffanelli
2005 - 2006William Tarrant
Hillary ColeDavid HiattZachary JonesCarrie Shank
2004 - 2005Christopher Michener
Nicole ArmerJen Morganunknownunknown
2003 - 2004Samuel Closic
Nicole Armer Dana YatesunknownNicole Armer
2002 - 2003Samantha Routh
Jennifer RoddyDana YatesCarolyn HassettLaShawn Elam
2001 - 2002David Gouge
Joelle DavisChristy EverhartunknownJoelle Davis
2000 - 2001Jeanette May
Timothy HassettMegan CramerDavid GougeJoelle Davis
1999 - 2000Matt McLendon
Kat Hoffman(Judicial VP established in 2000)(Legislative VP established in 2000)(Social VP established in 2000)
1998 - 1999Matt McLendon
Emmalyn Yamrick
1997 - 1998Seth Carter
Eugene Liauvv
1996 - 1997Will Thompson
Seth Carter
1995 - 1996Keith Anderson
James Eisenbrey**Position renamed to "Executive Vice President"
1994 - 1995Clint Barkdoll
Heather Coyle (VP)**Position this year and previous years is "Vice President"
1993 - 1994Wade Anderson
Todd Hickman (VP)
1992 - 1993Samantha Dillon
Bryon Garrett (VP)
1991 - 1992Amy Marshall
unknownHigh Point College becomes High Point University.
1990 - 1991Rich Davis
Stephen Hughes (VP)
1989 - 1990Beth Edwards
Amanda Huff (VP)
1988 - 1989JP Lunn
Wendy Glass (VP)
1987 - 1988Keith Hambrick
Margaret Phillips (VP)
1986 - 1987Jeanne Davis
Rich Mullins (VP)
1985 - 1986Ted Coryell
Ray Hotz
1984 - 1985Bill Frampton
Art Payne
1983 - 1984Tom Leech
Judy Jones
1982 - 1983Mark Mashburn
Denise Watts
1981 - 1982Karen Magil
Debbie Hunter
1980 - 1981Jackie Hendrix
Karen Magil
1979 - 1980Jackie Hendrix
1978 - 1979Caryn Reinhart
Jorge Lagueruela
1977 - 1978Allen Carter
Jim VanHorn
1976 - 1977Sid Baker
Carol Spaulding
1975 - 1976Steve Locke
1974 - 1975Steve Lawson
1973 - 1974Gart Evans
Teresa Moran
1972 - 1973Joe Yacyshyn
Gart Evans
1971 - 1972Nate Cagle
Linda Bagby
1970 - 1971John Young
Alan Prather
1969 - 1970Mike Carle*
Larry Johnson*First rising junior elected as President
1968 - 1969Robbie Myers
Jack Driscoll
1967 - 1968Forrest Dover
Jim Allison
1966 - 1967Tom Dignan
Ralph Hoar
1965 - 1966Art Warren
Tom Dignan
1964 - 1965Tracy McCarthy
Don Bryant
1963 - 1964Charles Nesbitt
Betty Treece
1962 - 1963Bob Clark
Harry Lilly
1961 - 1962Len Lewin
Bob Clark
1960 - 1961Vance Davis
Jimmy Edwards
1959 - 1960Ray Sheppard
Don Drapeau
1958 - 1959Fred Barber
Charles Johnson
1957 - 1958C.W. Faulkner
Jim Rose
1956 - 1957Ernest Ball
C.W. Faulkner
1955 - 1956Hardy Tew
Ernest Ball
1954 - 1955David Abernathy
Bob Stepp
1953 - 1954LC Ellis
Louie Eargle
1952 - 1953David Auman
Kent Brendle
1951 - 1952Doug Holbrook
Nancy Tysinger
1950 - 1951Edwin Auman
Curtis Bovender
1949 - 1950Henry Maddux
Ruby Workman
1948 - 1949JC McAllister
Bob Marley
1947 - 1948Thurman Horney
1946 - 1947D.C. Freeman
1945 - 1946Jack Eller Foster
1944 - 1945Lawrence Walker
Majorie Payne
1943 - 1944John Perry

and Willis Gupton
Willis Gupton and unknownJohn Perry graduated in December and Willis Gupton replaced as President in January
1942 - 1943Billy Henderson
Sue Woodruff
1941 - 1942Frank Fernandez
Dick Rozzelle
1940 - 1941C.A. Watts
Jerry CounihanName changed to Student Government
1939 - 1940Robert Johnson
Morton Samet
1938 - 1939Dwight Morgan
Robert Johnson
1937 - 1938James R Mattocks
Dwight Morgan
1936 - 1937James Allen Austin
1935 - 1936Edith Crowder
A. Lincoln Folk
1934 - 1935W. Wilbur Hutchins
D. Kermit ClonigerOfficial Student Government body established in 1934. Called Student Council.
1933 - 1934Sally Mae Bivine (Women's SG)
Edith Guthire (Women's SG)
1932 - 1933Margaret Pickett (Women's SG)
1931 - 1932Juanita Scarboro Andrews (Women's SG)
Truth Isley (Women's SG)
1930 - 1931Margaret Thompson (Women's SG)
Flora Mitchell (Women's SG)
1929 - 1930Huldah Dixon (Women's SG)
Grace Keck (Women's SG)Mens SG disolved while plans for an official body are made.
1928 - 1929Pauline Whitaker (Women's SG)

Blanche Ingram (Women's SG)
1927 - 1928Laura Thompson (Women's SG)

TG Madison (Men's SG)
Lillie Mae Davis (Women's SG)
Grover Angel (Men's SG)
No Official Student Government Existed; Men and Women had separate Student Government Councils that governed their gender/dorm affairs.
1926 - 1927Pomona Johnson (Women's SG)

Fred Hauser (Men's SG)
Effie Keck (Women's SG)
Albert Walker (Men's SG)
1925 - 1926unknownunknown
1924 - 1925unknownunknownHigh Point College established in 1924.
SG stands for Student Government