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Specific Strategies to Increase Motivation

  • Give praise.
  • Give people status (i.e. Member of the Week/Month).
  • Communicate “inside information” to members.
  • Always explain why.
  • When you are wrong, admit it.
  • Use members’ names often.
  • Be fair, honest, and consistent–show no favoritism.
  • Be careful what you say–do not gossip.
  • Listen to others.
  • Remember, we support that which we help create.

GRAPE Theory of Motivation

  • Growth: Increasing one’s skills and competencies, performing new or more complex tasks, and participating in training programs.
  • Recognition: Promotion within the organization, praise for achievements. positive and constructively critical feedback, receiving an award, printed references to an individual’s activities, and being “listened to”.
  • Achievement: The opportunity to solve a problem, to see the results of one’s efforts, to reach goals that one has established to create a whole tangible product.
  • Participation: Involvement in the organizational decision-making, planning, and scheduling of one’s own work and controlling one’s own activities.
  • Enjoyment: Having fun in a warm, friendly, supportive atmosphere.