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Bills are submitted from different campus organizations for monetary funds. Bills are reviewed and voted during each meeting. All bills must be submitted to the Student Government Association via the organization’s HPU Connect page (Finance Tab, budget process) by Wednesday at 5PM the week before Senate meetings.

*Bills must be submitted by Wednesday at 5PM the week of a SGA Senate meeting. It must be fully approved by the organization’s President and Advisor by Monday at 5PM for it to be included in the SGA Senate meeting agenda.*

*Any content that is asked to put into the SGA Senate meeting presentation must be sent to the SGA email by Wednesday at 5PM for it to be included.*

If you’re looking for a copy of a bill previously submitted, bills from Spring 2019-Spring 2022 can be found on HPU Connect!


Resolutions are legislation that expresses the will of the Senate but takes no action. A resolution offers a proposition or a solution to an issue. Resolutions are submitted by at least two Senators from any organization. Resolutions are reviewed and voted on during each meeting. All resolutions must be submitted to the Student Government Association by Monday at 5PM the week of a Senate meeting. Use the Resolution Template to edit your resolution and submit to SGA when completed.


Senators may propose Constitutional Amendments to the Executive Council via email. The proposed Amendment must be clearly defined and illustrated in a written form that must be distributed to all Senators present at the next Senate meeting. Amendments shall be presented in two (2) SGA Senate meetings. In the first meeting, the Amendment(s) will only be read aloud to the Senate. In the second meeting, the Amendment(s) will be read aloud, discussed, and voted on by the Senate. The student body must be notified of any proposed Amendment(s) via email from SGA at least two weeks before the Senate holds a referendum on the proposed amendment(s).


 *Please refer to the Senate Minutes to view the final status of any bills or resolutions. (i.e. passed Senate, failed Senate, vetoed by President)