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Bills must be submitted by Wednesday at 5 PM the week prior to the SGA Senate meeting. It must be fully approved by the respective committee, organization President, and Advisor by Wednesday at 5PM of the senate meeting for it to be included in the SGA Senate meeting agenda.

They must be approved by the SGA Representative, Advisor, and President by 5pm on Monday the week of the senate meeting.

It is the clubs responsibility to make sure all parties have approved it.

Any presentations on previous events must be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday the week of the senate meeting.

Organizations that hope to receive funding for an event/trip in SGA must submit a bill detailing the request.

Keep in mind, once requisitions are submitted to the Business Office, they will take 2 weeks to process, so plan to submit requisitions for an approved bill at least 4 weeks prior to the event or trip.

Starting Fall 2022, bills will now be submitted via the organization’s HPU Connect page- under the Finance Tab as a budget process. 


If you’re looking for a copy of a bill previously submitted, bills can be found at HPU Connect! HPU Connect!