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The Supreme Court shall:

1. Receive Sanctions Review requests and deliver rulings on these requests

2. A ruling must be delivered within five (5) academic business days of the request or at the discretion of the Assistant VP of Student Life;  

3. Receive Constitutional Interpretation Requests and decide to hear any Request at the discretion of the Supreme Court Justices

4. Hear and investigate impeachment requests against members of the Executive Council or Officers of Organizations

5. The Chief Justice and Associate Chief Justice along with the Supreme Court Justices view and recommend edits to constitutions of organizations petitioning for charter prior to their formal submission to the Student Life Committee for a vote.  

Chief Justice
Attorney General

Supreme Court Justices:

Braeden Boyle- Associate Chief Justice

Joe Maronski

Amanda Nguyen

Bestina Bestman

Angelena Antenuci

Michael Lee

 Previous Supreme Court Justices

The Supreme Court was created by the Whitaker Administration in the Spring of 2015.

The Inaugural Supreme Court started their positions in the Fall of 2015.

Supreme Court Justices hold their office until graduation or until obtaining a new position.

2016-2017Chrissy BakerRichard DeVitaEvan Felts 2016/Riahna Alexander 2017
Molly Lowry
(Inaugural Supreme Court)
Chrissy BakerRachel CallawayEvan FeltsRyan McGowan