The High Point University Student Account Center (SAC) is an online portal that provides access to current account activity, account statements, monthly payment plans and one time electronic payments towards your balance. Through a simple sign-on process, students may access their account information and extend invitations to parents or additional participants who help manage the student account.

Access for students to the Student Account Center is located at Students will log in with the HPU email username and password. From there they will click on the link that says “Student Account Center” on the bottom right side of the page under Quick Links.

Student Account Center Guide

Due to student privacy regulations (FERPA), access to the Student Account Center is granted to currently enrolled students or new, incoming students who have paid the enrollment deposit and received logon credentials for their Blackboard account.  Once enrolled in the Student Account Center, students may grant access to other individuals who will be helping manage their financial account.

Students are encouraged to provide access to all individuals who help manage their financial account or make payments.  This can be done through the Authorized User Access section in the Student Account Center portal. Once the authorization has been initiated by the student, an invitation will be emailed to the individual with instructions for registering for Student Account Center access as an authorized participant.

Accessing the Student Account Center

Billing Schedule & Payment Options

The traditional method for billing tuition and fees is done on a semester basis.  Invoice statements for the fall semester will be available in the Student Account Center early June and payment is due early July. The invoice for the spring semester is posted mid-November and payment is due mid-December.

The Student Account Center provides a number of online payment options including ACH bank transfer, as well as debit or credit card payments. Additional transaction fees apply to debit and credit card payments.

Undergraduate Optional Monthly Payment Plan – Administered by TouchNet

To help you afford your education expenses, High Point University is pleased to make the services of TouchNet available to you and your family. The interest-free monthly payment option allows you to spread each semester’s expenses over five monthly installments for only a small enrollment fee. This is a popular option with many of our families because it reduces the need to borrow and it gives families more control over their savings.

The undergraduate payment plan option is available on a semester basis and you must re-enroll each semester. Each semester’s balance can be divided into five monthly payments if enrolled during the first month of plan enrollment.

  • Fall semester plan payments begin June 1 and continue through October 1.
  • Spring semester plan payments begin November 1 and continue through March 1.

The enrollment fee for each semester is $50. Once you have completed enrollment for the payment plan, you will make payments through the TouchNet Student Account Center.

Once registered for access, payment plan enrollment can be done through the Student Account Center.  More than one authorized participant can be enrolled in a payment plan to help satisfy the balance however, users only have access to manage their own payment plan with the SAC portal.  One-time payments towards the balance can also be made within the Student Account Center if you do not wish to enroll on the payment plan.

If you need assistance determining your payment plan amount, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 336-841-9259.






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