Student Conduct

Office of Student Conduct

COVID-19 Expectations for Students

#KeepHPUHealthy by thoroughly reading these protocols and preparing yourself to return to campus:

Visitor Policy:
To mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and maintain physical distancing measures throughout campus, HPU has enacted a new visitor policy effective immediately: Only HPU students, faculty, staff and registered admissions guests will be permitted on campus (except between August 13 and August 17 when family members will be welcomed to campus to help their student during move-in). The only exception is parent visits; students must continue to register their parents in the iVisitor system. The policy will be reassessed throughout the semester and may be altered based on local, state and national health and safety considerations. We know you may miss welcoming some of your friends to campus, but we appreciate your partnership in keeping yourself and those around you safe.

Additional Measures:

  • All students, faculty, and staff participating in Summer Session II will be pre-screened before returning to campus. Instructions on how to complete the pre-screen will be sent directly to their HPU email addresses.  You must participate in this screening to enter campus.
  • Proudly wear your face mask in all public areas – The university will supply all students, faculty and staff with a reusable cloth face mask to help you do your part.  Students who fail to abide by this expectation may be restricted from accessing certain areas of campus as a result.  Students who fail to wear their masks may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for failing to comply with University policy.
  • Practice physical distancing to keep yourself and those around you safe – You will notice visual markers the university has installed to support you in these efforts. Pay close attention to them. Even when there aren’t visual cues, you should always practice physical distancing by maintaining 6 feet of space between you and others.
  • Practice good hygiene and perform self-health assessments – Visual reminders to wash your hands regularly will also be placed throughout campus. Remember to practice good hygiene and perform self-health assessments such as taking your temperature regularly to ensure that you are healthy before visiting public areas of campus.
  • Monitor your HPU email and new postings throughout campus as the university will continuously evaluate and make adjustments as this fluid situation progresses.
  • Read these resources thoroughly to ensure you are informed and educated:
  • Practice a growth mindset! We realize this situation has been deeply saddening for many affected families around the world. We also realize that the changes that must be enacted to further prevent the spread of the coronavirus will cause discomfort as change always does. However, the university is committed to doing its part to follow these guidelines. By following these guidelines, you will help maintain the safety of your HPU home and our campus environment.

Students who fail to comply with University safety protocols and instructions may be documented for possible violations of the HPU Code of Conduct. 

It is the responsibility of all Panthers to protect our community!


Our Office:

The mission of High Point University is to deliver educational experiences that enlighten, challenge and prepare students to lead lives of significance in complex global communities. The Office of Student Conduct supports this mission through the enforcement of the Student Guide to Campus Life policies (Code of Conduct, Honor Code, Bias Policies). The Office of Student Conduct supports the well-being of students by providing a fair and unbiased system of accountability and conflict resolution. We encourage the development of a student’s personal learning and growth through educational and reflective sanctions.

The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for adjudicating the High Point University Code of Conduct as well as the High Point University Honor Code. The Director of Student Conduct is the University’s Chief Conduct Administrator and oversee’s Student Life staff who adjudicate alleged violations of the University Policy.  They are responsible for the management of both the non-academic (Code of Conduct) and academic (Honor Code) conduct systems.

The Office of Student Conduct reviews incident reports and conducts investigations to ensure that all members of the High Point University community receive equitable treatment, education and accountability in regards to the High Point University Code of Conduct and Honor Code. Students may be referred to the University Conduct Board (UCB), comprised of student and faculty justices who hear alleged violations of University Policy and determine levels of responsibility and outcomes.

The Student Conduct process is entirely student-driven and does not involve legal representation at any level with the exception of Title IX related incidents.

Our Purpose:

  • Assist in maintaining the safety and health of the overall HPU campus community;
  • Provide an unbiased adjudication process for students charged with violations of University Policy;
  • Provide an environment of personal growth and behavioral accountability;
  • Encourage students to make healthy and responsible choices in their community both on and off-campus;
  • Explain policies, processes, and assist students in preparing for conduct, honor, or biased conversations;
  • Work with Campus Partners to offer a variety of conflict resolution options for students;


Our office is located on the third floor of the Slane Student Center. We are open daily from 8:30am – 5:00pm.

(336) 841-9231
(336) 841-4513 (fax)
(336) 841-9111 (emergency)