These forms are a report on your conduct history while at High Point University and require your permission to share your educational records. These are typically requested by potential employers, institutions to which you are transferring, State BARs, or federal investigative agencies. With the exception of federal investigative agencies, you must sign a FERPA waiver in order for us to provide this information (usually part of the provided form).

To complete a Dean’s Certification please complete the form below. You will need to have all supporting documents ready to upload when you submit your request. If your form does not have a release of records section that you are required to sign, you must complete a Student Consent for Education Records form mentioned below. If you have any questions you can contact us as 336-841-9231.

The Student Consent for Educational Records form releases your records to a requested party. These records may be given to the party for a one time use, unlimited access, or access with a defined expiration date. Make sure to check the Other box in section A and indicate Conduct for the purpose of release in order to include prior conduct information.

Dean’s Certification/Background Check Form