Student Justices are the individuals who have selected to act as voting members of the University Conduct Board (UCB) and University Honor Board (UHB). Becoming a Student Justices is one of the highest honors a student may receive at High Point University. Student Justices are responsible for objectively adjudicating student conduct cases and rendering appropriate and non-biased decisions and determining sanctions based on the standards set forth in the Guide to Campus Life. They are responsible for adjudicating cases regarding policy violations of the Conduct Code and Honor Code.

Student Justices have the responsibility to vote and determine if a student is responsible or not responsible of a policy violation. In addition, if found responsible, justices will decide appropriate sanctions for the charge(s) that was presented before the board.

The Office of Student Conduct is always looking for new dedicated individuals that are interested in applying to becoming part of the great team. If you are interested, please review the requirements and application to be a Student Justice!

Many of our Student Justices go on to be Extraordinary Leaders at HPU and in the external community. Below are a few articles that highlight the incredible talent and passion of some who are/have been part of the Student Justice Program:

Dalton Lucas ’22              Sydney Sullivan ’21         AJ Frezza ’21

Emmy Beck-Aden ’22      Kennedy Jackson ’22     Samuel Carr ’21      Jessica Vedrani ’21

Alex Bush ’20                   Alexis Ogren ’20             Megan Shea ’20      Shirley Garrett ’19

Briana Smalley ’19          Lyndsey Closs’ 19           Zach Posner ’19       Michael Dreher ’19

Niamh Tattersall ’19         Kirby Hutcheson ’19       Ariel Hodges’17     Jordan Bydume ’17