Below are the University Conduct Board (UCB)/University Honor Board (UHB) Hearing Tips and Expectations for you to be best prepared for your Conduct or Honor Hearings:

  1. Take your Hearing Seriously: This is a formal university proceeding. We strongly suggest meeting with a Hearing Process Advisor prior to your hearing.
  2. Dress Appropriately: Business casual is strongly suggested.
  3. Arrive on Time: If a respondent is not at their UCB/UHB hearing at the designated time in their hearing notification letter, the hearing will proceed without the respondent. A UCB/UHB Hearing will not be rescheduled.
  4. Be Honest: While in a hearing all parties are expected to be truthful to the best of their knowledge. If the UCB/UHB believes that any party is lying, the proceedings will be stopped immediately. There is also the potential for additional charges of the Conduct/Honor Code as deemed appropriate.
  5. Come Prepared: You are your best defense. Proper pre-planning prevents poor presentations. A respondent is responsible for preparing their opening statement, presentation of facts, and a closing statement. Again, we strongly suggest meeting with a Hearing Process Advisor prior to a hearing.
  6. Ask Questions: If a student has questions regarding the UCB/UHB process and their rights/role, please contact the Office of Student Conduct representative as soon as possible to get them answered. This means before, during, and after your UCB/UHB hearing.
  7. Witnesses: Cannot be “character witnesses” and should have pertinent information regarding the incident in question. Witnesses are only allowed in Conduct, Honor, Bias and Title IX Hearing Boards. Respondents who wish to call witnesses to be present must notify the Office of Student Conduct no less than three (3) days in advance of their scheduled hearing.
  8. No electronic devices are allowed to be used in a hearing by the justices, students or student process advisers unless approved by the Office of Student Conduct and/or the Office of Accessibility Resources.