Student Health Services

Important Facts for Parents

1. HPU provides a unique learning environment that extends beyond the classroom, into every aspect of our student’s lives. We ask that you encourage your student to seek help on their own, as this teaches them independence with personal health related issues. For any medical concerns they should call the HPU Student Health Services by Wake Forest Health Network at (336) 841-4683.

2. Any student over the age of 18 is singularly responsible for their health care decisions and in control of any related medical records. The only exception is if a medical provider deems the situation a medical emergency. Student Health Providers will actively encourage students to communicate with their parents or other home medical providers. However, HPU providers cannot discuss health related information with anyone without a signed HIPAA consent by the student. View the HIPAA form.

3. Student Health Services is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 5:30 pm during fall and spring semesters. It is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 12:00 noon during summer sessions.

4. Flu shots are available at Student Health. Students will receive emails with information regarding flu shot clinics, but they can also call to make an appointment.

5. North Carolina State law requires documentation of immunizations for students attending a North Carolina college or university. Forms outlining the requirements are located in the student’s MyStuff account, or a copy can be found under the forms section of this site. Please review these forms — as failure to comply with the state law can result in a student’s removal from campus.

6. Our Student Health Clinic has a small dispensing pharmacy on site for the convenience of our students. This pharmacy is under the direction of Archdale Drug, a local retail pharmacy. Only prescriptions written by the HPU Student Health providers can be filled from this pharmacy, we cannot fill prescriptions by outside providers. The prescriptions will be charged by Archdale Drug. If you submit accurate health insurance information to Student Health Services, we will forward this for billing purposes to Archdale Drug. For any Archdale Drug prescription related questions, please call them directly at (336) 434-2776.

7. Student Health has an on-site laboratory in which we do most routine lab tests and draw blood. We do not have an x-ray facility on campus.

8. Currently we do not charge for an office visit to see a medical provider. There are modest charges for any on-site laboratory testing, most vaccinations, and medical supplies. These charges can be found on the Student Account, and are the responsibility of the student.

9. High Point University students are required to have adequate health insurance that provides coverage in the High Point area. Students that do not have adequate coverage are required to purchase the High Point University Insurance Plan.

10. It is very important to keep accurate insurance information on file for your student at Student Health. We do not bill insurance, but we will provide this to any outside medical facility (lab, x- ray, etc..) if necessary so those services can be billed directly to your health insurance. Please send a copy of the insurance card (front and back) along with the student’s name and date of birth, and the subscriber’s full name and date of birth. This information can be sent to:

High Point University Student Health Services by Wake Forest Health Network
One University Parkway, Campus Box 50
High Point, North Carolina  27268

Phone (336) 841-4683
Fax: (336) 841-4693


11. HPU Student Health Services can perform allergy injections for those students under an allergist’s care if a copy of the diagnosis and care plan from their specialist is provided. Please complete and return the medical release form.

12. As we understand that medications prescribed for ADHD and ADD can be difficult to obtain for some students, we have a refill policy. Please see the ADHD/ADD Medication Refills page for further information.


Student Health Services by Wake Forest Health Network is located in the lower level of Wilson Residence Hall at 805 Panther Drive.

Please schedule an appointment with us by stopping by or calling us.

(336) 841-4683
(336) 841-4693 (fax)