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Voting Information

High Point University is excited to support you in your opportunity to vote in the upcoming election!

Interested in registering to vote, requesting an absentee ballot, or voting-by-mail? We have many resources to help you for the 2020 election!  TurboVote will lead you through the steps to register, request an absentee ballot and vote – by – mail!

Top Questions for Voting for High Point University Students:

How do I register to vote?

  • You can only vote in one place, and first need to decide if you want to register with your permanent address to vote in the elections based there, or with you campus address, and vote in the local election.
  • Everyone has a different situation.  If you are from out-of-state, we encourage you to learn about any potential barriers or requirements in your home state and North Carolina by using the Campus Vote Project Student State Guide and to talk with parents/guardians about any barriers or requirements you face.
  • High Point University student are encouraged to use the system TurboVote to register to vote.  More information on the system below.

If I believe I am already registered, how can I verify that I am registered to vote and that my voter record is correct?

What is TurboVote?

  • TurboVote is an online too that makes voting easy for all, in every election! The system can help you with the national election, but also helps with state and local elections.
  • TurboVote helps by remembering the rules of voter registration, absentee request, and vote – by – mail processes so you don’t have to!  TurboVote sends reminders about submitting your registration before the deadline, voting before the deadline, and all election dates.  You can also fill out your online voter registration and request a ballot at the same time, and it only takes minutes to complete!

How do I obtain my voter registration form using TurboVote?

  • TurboVote will guide you through the registration process and automatically populate the voter registration form.
  • Depending on your state, there may be paper or online voter registration.
    • Paper Registration: In this process, you will be asked to print the form (sent to you via email), fill in their ID number (as required by state law, directions vary based on state).  You will then sign the form and mail the form prior to your state’s voter registration deadline to the board of elections address provided by TurboVote.
    • If your state offers online voter registration, you will be guided through the process by  TurboVote with tips on how to complete the process successfully.

Can I use TurboVote to request both my voter registration form and absentee ballot form at the same time?

  • Yes! You can both register to vote and request an absentee ballot at the same time using TurboVote.

Who should I contract if I need help using TurboVote?

Should I register to vote using my permanent address or campus address?

  • As stated above, students can only vote in one location.  We suggest you talk with parents / guardians about potential barriers or requirements that may influence your decision and also reference the Campus Vote Project Student Guide (based by state) before making the decision.
  • The North Carolina State Board of Elections provides this state specifically about college students: “College students can register and vote in the jurisdiction of their residence. A registered voter may only have one residence. If the college student considers his or her school address to be his or her residence, the college student may register and vote in the county where the school is located.”

What if I want to vote at my campus address instead of my permanent address?

  • You can only vote where you are registered.  You can use TurboVote to complete North Carolina voter registration form or fill out a form provided at any in person voter drives.

What if my campus address has changed since the last election?

  • Using TurboVote, complete a new North Carolina voter registration form using your new address. Toward the bottom of the form, in the section entitled Complete If You Are Currently Registered to Vote in Another NC County or in Another State, and provide the address under which you were last registered.  If you are uncertain, check your registration status at the National Association of Secretaries of State website.

Where do I cast my vote from the High Point University Campus?

  • Subject to Change Due to COVID-19 Edits : Our polling locations for on campus residential addresses are the Montlieu Academy of Technology, Conrad Memorial Baptist Church, and Christ Methodist Church.  The location is based on where you live on campus. Check your voter registration to find which location is your voting location.

What if I did not register to vote before the North Carolina deadline closed?

  • You can go to an early polling location and register on site before casting your vote until the last day of early voting! More information coming soon!

I want to vote early in person and don’t have a car, how can I get to my local High Point early voting location?

  • Shuttles will be transporting students from R.G. Wanek Center to early voting locations.  More information will be available when the local Board of Elections finalizes polling locations and hours.

I don’t have a car, how can I get to my local High Point polling place on election day?

  • Shuttles will be transporting students from the R.G. Wanek Center to the polling locations that serve campus on November 3th, 2020.  More information will be available when the local Board of Elections finalizes polling locations and hours.


Here are a few additional resources to assist with the 2020 election:

We are excited that you are interesting in voting! Look out for some great events this election season! We will be celebrating National Voter Registration Day on September 22nd, National Voter Education Week October 5th-9th, and Vote Early Day October 24th!


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