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On a recent survey, students had this to say about Success Coaches:


“I greatly enjoyed having someone to talk to when I was unsure of my decisions as a student, and my Coach was easy to talk to.  She helped me with a few problems I encountered, and I am excited to be working with her again next semester!”


“My Coach is awesome! He was such an amazing help to me and was sure to keep me motivated throughout the year.”


“My Coach was the best Success Coach I could have asked to have by my side during my freshman year. She was not only helpful, but she was also kind, considerate, flexible, understanding and, overall, very supportive throughout my whole academic career! She has a true passion for her job and for the students that she works with, I am very thankful for her.”


“I loved my first year at HPU, and my Success Coach was very helpful and kind which made coming to her about anything very easy.”


“My Coach is an amazing success coach! I felt like I could go talk to her about anything, and she was always there to listen. She has been an incredible resource this semester, and I really feel like she had my best interest at heart. I loved going to catch up with my Coach almost every week and hearing about new events around campus. I have been extremely satisfied with my experience with Student Success, as well as my Coach!”