Summer Advantage Testimonials

“After Summer Advantage we know that our son picked the best school to continue to develop into the person he will become,” – proud parent of an HPU freshman, from the Summer Advantage 2020 parent survey.

The Summer Advantage Program at High Point University is a great opportunity for the incoming freshman student. It allows the student to get a head start on their college experience while at the same time gaining an important understanding of the expectations of the college student and the differences between being a high school student and a college student. I enjoy teaching in the Summer Experience program because it allows me to share a classroom with students that are excited to start their college career and have an excitement about their education that is a pleasure to experience.   -Dr. Tony Kemerly

I’ve seen the Summer Advantage program work as an ideal introduction for students beginning college.  In one month, they get to immerse themselves in interesting classes, earning credits that give them a jump ontheir general education.  And the Summer Advantage program offers a host of informational programs and recreational events that connect new students to their new home and a new group of friends.   -Dr. Philip Mulder


Starting off my four years here at High Point University with this amazing one month opportunity was one of the smartest decisions I could have made. Summer Advantage is a great way to get acclimated to the school before you have to officially move in come the start of the school year. While here, I was able to take two classes, learn one semester worth of information in four weeks, and get four credits per class like one would during the regular semester. There were many opportunities to get involved even when there weren’t many people on campus. I was more than happy with my decision to get acquainted with campus early and get a jump start on my college career.   -Hanna C.

Summer Advantage was a beneficial opportunity to get familiar with the university and to start my transition to HPU earlier in my freshman year.  I had the best time taking classes, meeting new friends, and interacting with supportive faculty and staff.  If I could do Summer Experience all over again, I absolutely would!   -Rami A.

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